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Hey dude, great job with this game! The game is spooky, fun and scary. Congrats! :D 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions, I hope you can watch it and  enjoy it. Keep the good work dude!

Will this be available on Mac systems any time soon?

Yo someone made an insane remake of this game 

here's some funny gameplay: 

its very nice graphics are nice and *snap* aww man lol (it good atleast) 

Hey I played this game and I really enjoyed it! If you can please check it out!

this game is awesome and i'm

going to be hopefully playing it on my channel . If people haven't played this game they really should , it was first experience with this game and i was just scared , words really couldn't explain to be honest . If guys want to see my experience check out my video and  Again good job developer !!

We are finally making our way to the heavy containment zone. Are we going to make it there ? 

I forgot how scary the plague doctor is!!! send help

Fixed the Game

you say mac osx, but it's an exe file....

sorry I’m not a Mac user I thought every os used exe 

We are finally returning after many years. To the original SCP - Containment breach. I have missed this so much, also forgot how terrifying it is 



Mac version isn't available

Deleted 23 days ago

it didnt work just gave me game files

Deleted 16 days ago

You can’t open the application “SCP - Containment Breach.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.

Uhh... Tutorial to download or sumn?

im trying to launch the game, i reinstalled as instructed from comments and it still  doesn't work

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"The program cannot start because fmod.dll is missing from your computer. Reinstalling the program might fix the problem."

I ran the file that I just downloaded 2 seconds ago.

Edit: After trying to install and launch in the itch desktop app,  i looked inside the folder where it installed and found that there was the .exe needed to run the game, but there wasn't anything else than another folder, labeled "itch" with reciept.json.gz in it.

I remember in markiplier's series on the game he mentioned something about having to use a Unity version of it because the original game didn't work anymore, does this have anything to do with that?


he said it was because the engine was outdated

I'm a windows user and so I tried installing the game since it caught my attention and I'm an SCP fan.  So I go and download the game and when it finishes I go and launch.  Error window pops up saying i may need to reinstall it again for it to work.  So I just brush it off uninstall and reinstall it again.  Same window appears.  Dunno if its a bug or my CPU's just acting all wack but I thought it was worth bringing up.

same with m

Thats weird, are you sure you have enough storage?

I try to launch the game but it loads for 3 seconds then acts like i never pressed launch I am playing on windows so it should work but it doesn't sadly.


I'm on Mac and it still won't let me download it why is that could someone please lend me a hand 

Really? i made it availble for mac

it keeps telling me  you cant open "SCP containment breach. Exe" because Microsoft windows applications are not supported on macOS


i'll make a mac version when I get a time to


any progress??

sorry for the long response and sadly no it never worked 

sorry for the long response and sadly no it never worked 

how to get in files im on the itch app and it doesent let me play is sayes i played already but i didnt



it wont work


how2 run game

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extract the file, go in the file,and click SCP containmentbreach.exe and enjoy! :)

What is this game about?


hold on ill put it in the description